January 8, 2016

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2016 Chenin Blanc : Silky clean, smartly balanced white wine that is wonderfully packaged. The 2016 line-up presents no better lead off. Barrel fermented, aged 50% sur lie this simple grape is now forced to express serious character. Why not…

$19.75 Retail       




2016 Grenache Rose’ : Refreshing. Grenache is often best expressed in Rose’ forms. Pressed on the skins shortly after harvest the result is a blissfully elegant pale backdrop to balance. The tightrope between red and white. Rose’ is indeed becoming the wine for all occasions.

$24.00 Retail       




2014 Grenache Blanc : Barrel aged and full-bodied white wine with mandarin orange aromas and a crisp balanced mouth feel. An excellent big food wine! Only 44 cases produced.

$26.50 Retail       




2015 Pinot Noir : Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. Bigger, bolder than most due to extra heat in 2015 the varietal called for robust treatment. Pinot yes, delicate…slightly. I embrace a little extra extraction and oak. Not quite performance enhancing but close. Come for Pinot and leave impressed at the possibilities.

$35.00 Retail




2012 Cabernet Sauvignon : Traditional Cabernet. Bold and beautiful. Smoothe. During warm years, as it was in 2012, the Santa Ynez Valley Cabernet’s rival the world’s best. Only have 12 cases left. Available only at the tasting room.

$38.00 Retail




2013 Malbec: Grown in Paso Robles on a small family farm I helped pick the fruit because the owner’s were shorthanded after one of the worker trucks broke down. Blueberry flavors in a smooth easy drinking wine. Originally 80 cases made but only 28 cs left. Available only at the tasting room.

$28.00 Retail




2012 Petite Sirah : Sourced from the same vineyard as the Malbec this is a huge, luscious, everlasting wine. For those that love deep dark swirls in their glass without an excessive tannic bite…this is your wine!

$42.00 Retail




Reserve Wine

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon…..$45.00 Retail

2009 Syrah…………………………$50.00 Retail

2008 Petite Sirah………………..$55.00 Retail

2008 Merlot……………………….$60.00 Retail


Shipping Policies

Wine Shipping Restrictions: Due to state laws, I am only able to ship wine to states that allow direct shipments, in addition, each state imposes limitations on the amount of wine any particular adult may receive by direct shipment each month. To ensure that you are able to order wine for direct shipment from this website, please click on the link above to be directed to the Wine Institute State Shipping laws website.

Shipping & Handling: Orders are shipped via UPS Ground or 2-Day Air. To ensure proper delivery, I recommend that orders be sent to a business address where an individual (over 21 years of age) is available to sign for the order. Regardless of where I ship your order, wine shipments must be signed for by someone over 21 years of age.



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Absolutely. No obligations. If you don’t like the wine I will refund your money. No questions asked.

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Well, that requires a fancy software program that is a bit price prohibitive at the moment. Real-time systems require a way for each user to login. Each customer may or may be a wine club member and discounts vary depending on quantities ordered. Additionally, I try to get the best shipping prices using multiple carriers and never charge more than I am paying for the service. Something impossible to do in a real-time system.

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Totally. 100%. The shopping cart has SSL encryption and I am the only person with access to the information. Credit card information is never saved.

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Anyone over 21 years of age!

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